May 03

It’s been 5 years that I been working with payment service provider. Since I work for Worldfriends I have been handling RBS Worldpay, and later Paypal and Japan estore on a daily basis.

Employ a reasonable good payment gateway. We know there are heck amount of payment gateway provider out there, some offer low setup cost and low transaction fee and while others may not. Most of the case it is not me to decide which one to go for but instead of business decisions.

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Apr 19

The page you are seeing now, together with other domain hosted by me, are actually backed by AWS

I used to host the server with, which provide a pretty decent server hosting service. It has been running for years until late last year, the server I rent since 2006, decided to stop working. For the worse part, the hard disk rejects any command we send in which basically I have no option but to get the data center to replace it with a new machine (of course with new hard disk)

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